The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is incorporated under the Cooperative Corporation laws and regulations set forth by the State of California. Accordingly, the Vapor Room Cooperative conforms to all City and State laws and regulations governing Cooperatives as well as Medical Cannabis Cooperatives. We operate as a not for profit based Cooperative and direct proceeds towards operations, member services and charitable contributions.

The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is a Therapeutic Cannabis Cooperative committed to serving member-patient needs with the highest level of compassion and professionalism. Entering the world of Cannabis can seem daunting and overwhelming. We promise to help you ease into using Cannabis for your health and wellness. We are committed to establishing a healthy and caring community by educating our members and the public about the benefits of therapeutic cannabis as well as offering a variety of health and wellness services that provide beneficial opportunities for our members to enrich their lives. Others may try to up-sell their products, we promise to only provide what you need for your pain management. The Vapor Room Cooperative advocates compassion, tolerance and understanding towards people from all walks of life. We also understand the intrinsic need for communication between doctors, patients and cannabis providers in order to effectively serve the diverse needs of our members.



The Vapor Room is committed to making positive contributions to the therapeutic cannabis community and has remained at the forefront of this amazing movement by establishing a comprehensive set of rules and guidelines that govern
the safe and compassionate operation of our facility.
The Vapor Room Cooperative…
* Was the first dispensary to submit our self- regulation guidelines to the City of San Francisco and to submit a proposal for operational standards throughout the San Francisco medical cannabis community
* Was an active and positive participant in the drafting of the SF Medical Cannabis Ordinance from beginning to end
* Consistently donates to several local, neighborhood based non- profits and children’s groups that provide after school activities, summer camps, educational field trips and arts and crafts supplies.
* Is at the forefront of medical cannabis activism, patients rights and a leader in the development of the highest standards of operations in the medical cannabis movement
* Has consistently and repeatedly been voted Best Cannabis Dispensary by SF Weekly and SF Bay Guardian readers in their annual ‘Best Of’ issues on a yearly, continuing basis
* Has won the 2011 High Times San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup for Edibles
* Has won the 2010 San Francisco Patients Cannabis Competition for Extracts
* Consistently donates to several activist and non- profit organizations that promote awareness of therapeutic cannabis on a State and Federal Level
* Our Executive Director serves on the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Task Force as the Medical Cannabis Dispensary Representative
* Is a proud member of American’s for Safe Access
* Is a proud member of the Marijuana Policy Project
* Is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association
* We proudly offer a wide variety of compassionate services to our members and the local community
* Is considered one of the most respected, compassionate and professional dispensary cooperatives in the State of California.


The Vapor Room Cooperative staff consists of highly trained therapeutic cannabis specialists, our experienced and compassionate personnel, and community minded management. Our staff is considered to be very sympathetic to the many health, social and economic issues that affect therapeutic cannabis patients of all walks of life as well as friendly, knowledgeable and informative. The men and women that make up the Vapor Room Cooperative have always made compassionate dispensing of therapeutic cannabis their top priority. They have also been trained to provide basic assistance to our disabled patients and are First Aid/ CPR certified bi- annually. Having witnessed first hand the relief therapeutic cannabis brings to suffering patients, especially the ever- increasing number of those who do not benefit from prescribed narcotics for their ailments.


The Vapor Room Cooperative would like to thank all of our neighbors, supporters, member- patients and non- members alike, for their continued support throughout the years. In addition to being a positive influence in our member’s lives, we wish to be a positive influence in our local community. Over the years, the Vapor Room Cooperative has significantly developed its community outreach efforts through our constantly evolving Community Alliance Program. This program’s purpose is to create and nurture relationships with neighborhood and citywide organizations and programs. By having worked with these organizations through volunteer services and donations we have been helpful in implementing positive solutions to the Lower Haight’s many unique issues. In addition to making regular donations to Alliance members throughout the year, we collaborate with them on general outreach efforts by promoting their events, recruiting volunteers and sharing resources. All funds beyond the required amount for proper operation of the Vapor Room Cooperative are either donated to local charities or reinvested in providing a fuller experience for our members. We have given generous donations on a regular basis to local HIV/AIDS & Cancer hospices, San Francisco Food Bank, the San Francisco Police Department Officers Association, the San Francisco Police Department Literacy Outreach Program, the San Francisco Fire Department Association and the Lower Haight Merchants and Neighbors Association. In addition to monetary donations, we have also donated art supplies to local children’s groups, food to the local food bank, and therapeutic cannabis to hospices for non-ambulatory and terminally ill patients. We are continually expanding our charitable donation program and are always looking for new local programs to support. Please take a moment to learn more about the charities, groups and resource centers that we feel are important to our members, neighbors and over all San Francisco Community.