The Vapor Room Cooperative is happy to offer our free delivery service, VRoom! to current and new members within San Francisco borders. Registering for VRoom! delivery is quick and easy. VRoom! office hours are from 11am to 8pm every day.  Last call for same day orders in 7pm daily.
Just give us a call at: (415) 626-2100

Placing an order online:  Check out our menu below to review our products, detailed descriptions and HD photos and to select the medicine that is right for you!  Click the ‘Add to Order’ button for each item you’d like and click the orange box to adjust the size of each item (it defaults to 4 gram increments but you can choose the quantity you prefer by clicking that orange button).  Please include all requested information and expect 2 emails; 1 will require you to confirm your order, the next will let you know we’ve received it, packed it and your actual balance due which MAY be incorrect on the Checkout Page.  The online ‘Shopping Cart’ does not currently calculate our discount algorithm or daily specials.  Order what you need and when we confirm the order, we will also confirm the adjusted balance due. Thanks!